Clean Heels Clear or Black - Crystal Heart Heel Stoppers

Clean Heels

Clean Heels Clear with detachable Crystal Hearts online at
Clean Heels

Add a touch of elegance with Swarovski® Heart Crystals

These Heel Stoppers feature Clear Swarovski® Crystal Hearts - perfect for a glamorous night of dining and dancing.

Our original Heel Stopper design will keep you steady on your feet while you dazzle.

The Swarovski® Crystal Heart can also be removed and reused with many of our other Heel Stoppers.

Stop your heels sinking into grass and protect wooden floors!

 Perfect For: 

- Weddings

- Going to the races 

- Attending the polo  

- Protecting wooden floors 

- Protecting decking

- Stabilising on gravel paths 

- Avoiding falls on cobbled stones 

- Giving you stability as you walk

 and they fit snuggly in your handbag!

Sizes and Fitting

Push the heel stopper onto the heel snugly, do not force on.

The soft tubing will grab the heel.

Petite - actual size 0.5cm - stretch to size 0.7cm
Small - actual size 0.8cm - stretch to size 1.1cm
Medium - actual size 1.2cm - stretch to size 1.5cm


Clean Heels are produced from sustainable, environmentally friendly materials and are manufactured in the UK. 

Our packaging is 100% eco friendly & our heel stoppers are 90% recyclable!