Sacral Chakra Lace - Fertility - Sexuality


Sacral Chakra Lace - Fertility - Sexuality
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Our Sacral Chakra Lace Necklace is for creation.
It connects you to mother earth reminding you to move fearlessly into new cycles, embracing fertility and change. Wear these crystals as a reminder to look forward to transition periods in your life, rather than fearing them. Remember when you are in unknown and unfamiliar periods of life you have more capacity for personal growth. These stones are also said to help in matters of fertility and reproduction.

Sacral Chakra Stones

  • Red aventurine
  • Red jasper
  • Moon stone
  • Smokey quartz
  • Carnelian
NOTE: Stone combinations may vary depending on supply.

    Sacral Chakra Ritual

    Count through your crystals one by one and put your intention into each stone consider your life as a journey of discovery and creation and learn to embrace your challenges as gifts for self growth. 
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