What are Fuuties?
 Fuuties™ are thin, stick-on, protective insoles to keep YOUR footies safe from the elements! 
An environmentally friendly minimalist’s dream – they’re made with a hospital grade adhesive and are infused with a patent-pending antimicrobial barrier to protect from the tiny organisms that can be found in damp environments.  Fuuties™ are designed and produced to ensure that no humans or fur-friends are harmed.  They’re vegan and barefoot friendly!
For Adults and Children
The only barefoot protector you will need.  Our products are a hypoallergenic adhesive pad for walking freely wherever you want. Fuuties™ are for the beach, pool, spa, park activities, swimming or wherever you want to have fun. They save your feet from hot sand and dangerous slips.  They are anti-cutting and resistant to all paving. They are super sticky until you want to remove them. 

They are waterproof and slip resistant.

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